Monday, 15 July 2013

Barcelona – Tibidabo Amusement Park

On the top of Tibidabo mountain behind the gorgeous city of Barcelona lies the magical world of Tibidabo Amusement Park. Its uniqueness is twofold, one because it’s over 100 years old, and the other that it is in a breathtakingly beautiful place.

It has 25 rides altogether that combine old and the modern thrills. Apart from the rides there are many shops, restaurants and cafes to give you everything you might need to spend the whole day there. Since the first time I went up there I wanted to visit the amusement park. The arrival of my five year old niece, Malna, presented the perfect opportunity. On the first day of her stay we took them both up there.

We found buying tickets very confusing. You really have to think through what you want to do and who with. We bought a full ticket for Malna and me so I could go with her on the rides as she was too small to go alone and an entry ticket for mum and Paul that allows you to go in but not to go on any rides. You get wristbands as tickets so they are not transferable from one person to the other.

We started off with the old rides on the top, the beautiful carousel…

…and the car that takes you out of the hill and for a few magical moments you hang between the sky and the mountain taking in the views of the city.

We let Malna pick her rides but there was one I insisted on going up on. The experience is as close to flying as it possibly can be. I could’ve stayed there all day long!

Then we walked around to discover the rest of the park. Most of the rides were for older children and my niece didn’t feel confident enough to try them (duh!). She did however find a face painting station (must be paid separately) and from all the choices available she chose a batman design! The lady did her best to make it a bit girly.

Wherever you went in the park the view of Barcelona surrounded you.

We found an awesome playground that was not actually part of the Amusement Park and can be visited for free. We spent the longest time here trying out every single slide at least 153 times.

Then we found the rides designed especially for children. Malna felt confident to try these alone.

We spent about four hours here and I think we tried only the fraction of what the park has to offer. To tell you the truth my niece would’ve been all too happy to stay but all the three adults were shattered so we decided to say good bye to the fun. At the end of the day Malna did a drawing of her experiences and the rides she wants to go on the next time. We better work up some stamina by then!

If you’d like to visit the park, here’s their website where you can find all the practical info you might need. You can read about how to reach the park there or you can also check it out at the end of my Tibidabo Mountain blog.

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