Friday, 9 August 2013

Moments of Catalonia

After 4 months we said good bye to the gorgeous city of Barcelona and Catalonia. It wasn’t an easy decision, we would’ve been happy to stay there but our objective is to see as much as we can from Spain and it’s time to move on.

There are many places we haven’t been able to but really wanted to visit such as the volcanoes of Olot, the National Park of Núria, the city of Tarragona or the cava bodegas or cellars in the scenic villages South of Barcelona. I also failed to write about the biggest and most important things in the city such as the Sagrada Familia, Casa Milá, the Palau Guell or the Park Guell. I simply don´t have time to do these as we´ve been here in Oviedo for 10 days now and I can´t wait to tell you all about our new adventures! I have to content myself with a good-bye blog that revisits our best moments in Catalonia.

Gaudí, Gaudí, Gaudí! One of his wrought iron creations. 

The tiles in Grácia district. Gaudí designed a tile to cover the inside of Casa Battló but the order didn´t get ready on time. For a 100 year commemoration of his death Barcelona used these tile to cover the pavement with them. If you look at it carefully you can see that it is actually only one tile design that has been used. It represents sea animals: an octopus, a shell and a sea star. Genius.

The 13 white geese of the Cathedral.

The race of the firefighters wearing full gear. It weights 20 kg!  

The National Library of Catalonia.

The day of Saint George when girls get flowers and boys get books.

Surprise lunch with some crazy Hungarians.

We've seen this happen so often! People park right in front of an underground garage blocking the way.

The shield I made for the day of Sant Jordi for the little boy I looked after.

An interesting statue in a small chapel in Port Lligat.

The Sagrada Familia.

Casa Milá by Gaudí.

A protest in our street in El Clot. The boy is writing a graffiti on the wall on the right while the police is waiting on the corner. The boy didn´t get caught but the graffiti was gone by the next day. 

A random roller skate competition we stumbled upon in Clot Park.

An enormous crane in the middle of the road!

A really awesome wall painting that you can only see from the top of Palau Guell.

The people who go through the recycle bins and take what they find useful out of them. This guy even had a van with him!

Bomberos actually means firefighters but I still find this funny. 

The wedding in Tossa del Mar when everybody was sliding off their chairs.

Spanish people love their dogs! In every park there´s a bit just for the dogs.

This poor teddy was stuck under this bin for a few days.

The Spanish way of fixing your car.

Sunset at the beach of Barcelona.

Gaudí´s dragon fountain.

 The 4 Cats restaurant. Apparently Picasso went here to dine and once when he didn´t have enough money he quickly drew a painting for the restaurant and gave it to them as a payment. 

The one legged geese of Poble Nou.

Last day at work.

The good-bye dinner with our Spanish friends in the Hungaryto Hungarian restaurant.

Adios Barcelona, hola Oviedo!

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