Monday, 30 June 2014

The lovely Avenida de la Constitución

The Constitution Avenue in Seville is a busy, wide road that connects the Town Hall on Plaza Nueva with the square of Puerta de Jerez. This 600m long road is probably the most well-known street in the whole city as most of the big fiestas, such as the processions of the Corpus Cristi or the Semana Santa, goes through here. It is always nicely decorated during Christmas, too. 

It´s also one of my favourite places as the houses are all very pretty and well kept.

The street went through huge changes since the 18th century as it seems that every generation wanted to make its mark on it. This is where all the new innovations came alive first in the town, the first buses, the first metro at Puerta de Jerez, the first stop of the tram, the Sevici bike stations… Apparently there was even talk about installing a pedestrian conveyor belt here. Fortunately this didn´t come to fruition.

The first house you come across when you turn your back to the Town Hall is the Adriatic. This is probably the most photographed private house in the whole town. It was built in a ‘neomudejar’ style between 1914 and 1922 by José Espiau y Muñoz, the same architect who built Seville´s most expensive hotel, the Alfonso XIII. The bottom part of the building is occupied by a great pastry shop. 

Marvel as you pass the numerous gorgeous buildings as you walk down here. You will find the Cathedral and the Archivo General de Indias on your left.

Don’t forget to have a look at one of the loveliest secret squares of Seville, the Plaza del Cabildo. It´s all hidden behind the tourist shops and even some of the Sevillans themselves don´t know about its existence! It used to be a private area where priests were trained, however a few years ago it was opened up to the public and now everybody can access it. If they can find it!

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