Tuesday, 11 December 2012

London - Getting ready

In a few weeks time we will start our trip of a lifetime!

It was almost a year ago when we started thinking about our honeymoon. The prospect of it excited us more than the wedding itself. It was not easy, however, to choose a destination.

We got the map out and looked at it. Then we realized that we haven't actually decided what we want to do! We toyed with the idea of a Safari in Africa, then the beaches of Zanzibar to do some diving, then we looked at each other and knew. It HAS to be a diving holiday!

This luckily shrunk our choice of destinations as I am only willing to dive in warm tropical water. I know this sounds really bad but spending almost an hour in freezing water is not fun! Not to mention that there are more variety of fish in warm water than in cold. This of course greatly limited our chances to dive previously considering the financial aspects this attracted but hey, this is our honeymoon, we can finally enjoy diving to its fullest. Now. Where shall we go?

I straight away said the Seychelle Islands, as I consider that part of the world pure heaven, above and under water as well. Unfortunately the weather was not good at that time of the year we wanted to go. We looked at South East Asia as our usual diving spot but as we have already been there a few times we wanted something different for our honeymoon. We also looked at the Maldives as a usual honeymoon destination but again, the weather was not very good. Finally we agreed on the Caribbean Islands. There came a question again: which one?

We read and read about all the islands and even started to draw an itinerary but somehow the whole thing was not right. Then Paul suggested to watch some videos about what we can find under water to help to make the decision. This is when we realized that the seas around the Caribbean Islands are empty! This is of course is an exaggeration but it is true that most of the fish have been fished out to put on restaurants' menus. We decided that we needed a new destination.

After going on a dive show at the beginning of the year and looking at and comparing great dive spots around the world we have finally found our place. The Philippines.

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