Wednesday, 26 December 2012

London - Christmas

We are spending Christmas this year with Paul's family. This means eating the yummiest food, drinking and endless amount of alcohol and opening presents on the 25th morning instead of 24th evening as we do in Hungary which I find a real torture. Paul had great fun laughing at my frustration. Instead we went to a Midnight Mass that was a first for me in England. We got to bed around 1.30am and I had to wake up at 3.00am to take the stockings to their allocated doors. It was hard, but I managed it!

It was all worth it in the end as we got all the presents we wanted from Santa. Most importantly the waterproof camera case as this means that we can finally take photos of the things we see under water. I can't wait to have our own photos from the dives. Once in Thailand we saw a group of black tip reef sharks circling around the stones we were diving around. It was an amazing sight but it only lives in our memories. I think that was the moment when we decided that we need to take photos under water.
 I got a cool mask from Paul so I don't need to worry about water getting into my mask as it usually happens when you hire one. We also got a waterproof bag that we were eyeing up in Thailand but never got around to get. Last year I got a reef guide book from Paul's mum so that is coming with us, too.

It's Wednesday today. Tomorrow we go back to Clapham to do our final packing then on Friday at 10.50am we take off. Not long now.:-)

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