Friday, 4 January 2013

The Philippines - On our way

We had quite a few things to do on Thursday, so the day went pretty quick. We took the advice of Paul’s mum and reserved our seating. It therefore came as a surprise when at the check in we realised we were seated four rows apart! Luckily it got sorted out quickly.

We flew on a double decker plane (sure it has a proper name as well) from London to Kuala Lumpur, here it is:

Here are the (please insert proper term) ‘tunnels’ that lead into the plane, one for the upper deck and one for the lower one.

All in all, the airline provided an average service, in every aspect. We are all for Singapore Airlines, they are the best!
We realised that we had some leftover Malaysian Ringits at home from our last trip that would’ve been useful to have a coffee or something while we are waiting for the connecting flight. We left them at home. Duh!

This is how Kuala Lumpur looked like, when we landed:

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