Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Philippines - A few words about some of the fruit in the Philippines

Today was our day off. In the morning we went to do some jobs, like getting our laundry done and deciding what other dives we want to do and also sorted out a trip to the Chocolate Hills for Thursday. Apart from that we didn’t do anything. We were lying on the beach for a bit then moved to resort’s pool and did some swimming there. There was some hardcore afternoon power napping and some more lying around. It’s amazing how quickly the day goes when you don’t do anything. As I don’t have much to report let me introduce you to another Filipino fruit. You have already seen the calamansi, the mini lime. This time it’s the mangosteen’s turn.

It does not look anything like a mango. It is about the size of a satsuma, maybe little bit bigger. Under a thick purplish layer there is the soft white yumminess. It looks like a garlic but has pieces like an orange.

 It tastes like heaven. It’s very tangy, like mango and orange mixed together. The bigger pieces have seeds inside but the smaller ones can be eaten whole.

 The mangosteen is my new favourite fruit!

The other fruit we tried is a red banana. Not sure of its proper name. It is definitely red.

 When we opened it, it looked like a… banana. A bit more orange and a bit thicker but definitely like a banana. And it tasted like… a banana. I know. Anticlimax.

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