Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Philippines - Dimakya Island (Diboyuyan Island)

Our last day on the island, last day of diving and the last day of our honeymoon. We felt excited but also sad that our dream holiday has come to an end.  We put our wetsuits on for the last time and went to dive around an island called Diboyuyan Island.

Kind of similar dives as on the house reef, bad visibility included. The only thing worth mentioning is that I found another shaded batfish! It wasn’t as nice as the other one, as that one was all black, only the outline was orange, while this one looked like an ordinary batfish, grey with stripes.

Elephant coral:

Alien coral (Paul named it):

Antler coral (I think):

Brain coral

When we got back to the resort we put out our dive gear to dry then ran back to the water for a last snorkelling session. We decided to look for the turtle again. While searching for it we stumbled upon this school of big eye jackfish. They let us swim quite close and Paul swam through the school many times, they weren’t bothered. I told him to get the camera while I moved back a bit so that I don’t chase the school further in the sea. As I was waiting and staying still they decided that they want to have a look at me too. The whole school of fish turned toward me at the same time then started to swim towards me then parted in front of me and swam around. These fish are quite big, all white with huge black eyes, all having a good look at me. They looked like ghosts. I usually enjoy swimming through schools of fish but I found this experience quite unsettling. I was actually relieved when they turned away. Luckily they stayed in one place though, so when Paul got back he could take some cool photos of them.

When we left them we went back to the place where we found the turtle and there it was! The same turtle with a bit missing from its shell! As we were snorkelling we couldn’t go down to play with it but (seems our luck never runs out) a few minutes later it came up for air. It actually stuck its head out so from the surface it looked like the loch ness monster, looked around, then swam to the sand to continue munching the sea grass.

We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in the sun, soaking up as much as we can. Paul had a little snooze and I looked through my reef guide again to identify some more fish. We had our last big dinner at the restaurant then went for a walk on the beach.  

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