Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Philippines - Our last day in Paradise

We woke up with a heavy heart, we are going home today. We had our last amazing breakfast, last sweet mangos then went back to the room to pack. There was only one thing left for us to do.

When I put my wedding dress on for one last time it felt like my wedding was years ago. Nothing really changed but still the fact that we are married holds an assurance for me. Paul helped me to tie the laces at the back of the dress then (feeling slightly stupid) waltzed down to the beach to take those wedding shots.
Let the photos speak for themselves.

We had so much fun during the shoot! The sun was shining, the sea looked calm and had that amazing colour again and it was good to go and swim in it even if my legs got tangled in the long trail of my dress. When we got ready I left it in front of the room.

When it was found the reception girl asked me what do I want to do with it and I said I want to leave it here. She asked hopefully: ‘can I have it?’. And so it happened that my dress has a new owner. It makes me so happy that it didn’t go into the bin as it is a lovely dress. I gave my email to the girl and she promised that she will send a photo of her wearing the dress. Paul said that probably as soon as it dries all the girls in the resort will try it on. I really hope they do. I like the thought that somebody might feel as happy as I did in this dress on the day of my wedding. 

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