Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Barcelona - Leaving and arriving

We woke up early to do some last minute packing then at 8.45 we said good bye to our little flat. It felt empty, empty of us and everything that made it our home. This was our first home and even though I don’t give sentimental value to objects it was still hard to step out knowing that somebody else will live here instead of us.

I can’t believe that finally we are on our way. All the stress and worry that we went through in the last few weeks is finally bearing its fruit. It is a very big decision, probably not the best decision considering the economical situation of Spain but something I really needed for a long time.

London said good bye with rain, we got soaked for the last time. We left only one thing at home: our umbrella.

Barcelona did not disappoint us, it was 20 degrees sunshine. We found our tiny little flat that is on the fifth floor of an old house and you have to go up on the thinnest staircase I’ve ever seen! I don’t know what would happen if somebody actually came in the opposite direction. Hope the people here all very thin.

Our street.

The flat is tiny but has some quirky things in it.

Later we met up James (Paul’s work partner) and one of his friends and had a tapas in a beach restaurant. A great end for our first day.

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