Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Barcelona - Getting the basics

Today my first and most important job was to go to the language school I chose and inquire about the courses. I read their website up and down 108 times so I didn’t think there was much they could say but I still wanted to see it.

I also needed to find a bank (Santander) to open an account and buy a SIM card in my phone.

I spent all morning catching up on my Hungarian blog about the Lake District while Paul saved the world for one of his clients then stressed about his other ones. We went shopping and had lunch on our balcony in the sun.

In the afternoon I left to sort all the things out. I was a bit nervous carrying all my valuables and important documents around as this city is famous for the bold pickpockets. Not to mention that James’ friend had his phone stolen a few nights before. All things considered I did take my phone and money but opted not to take my passport.

First I found the bank – passport needed. Second I found a phone shop – passport needed. Third I found the language school – did not say any info that I did not know beforehand from the website.
A productive afternoon, then.

Oh, well. Paul was close to finish working by the time I got back so we went to my favourite park, the Parque de Ciutadella, this is the one with the infamous merdragons.

This is a very busy park, frequented by tourists and locals alike. There is always lots going on, while we were there we saw people: cycling, running, juggling, rope walking, street dancing, tap dancing (!), rowing the boat on the lake, roller skating. Last time we were there we also saw a Zumba and a yoga class, too.
It was lovely to walk, sit down on a bench and enjoy the last rays of the sun.

When the sun went down we walked back and had a drink out in our balcony.

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