Sunday, 14 April 2013

Barcelona - The Holi Festival

We couldn’t decide between the Human Towers and the Holi Festival so we went to see both of them. On the way to the Human Towers we stumbled upon a Folklore Festival, too, but I will talk about that later.

We left the Human Towers around 1pm and hoped that we can still catch some of the Festival as the website said it will be until 3pm. While we were coming out of the metro station we could already see lots of people full of paint.

We didn’t have to go far to see the festival and the sea of colourful people.

Unfortunately by that time the festival itself finished however there were still lots of people around, some of them sometimes threw more paint over the others.

 Even I couldn’t escape the paint!

It must have been a great party, kinda regret not going but it was still amazing to see so many happy colourful people. I guess this is how the Colour Run will look like in July.

When it was clear that nothing’s really going on any more we left, had lunch and a little snooze at home (was a very busy morning) and headed down to the beach.

We only saw the beach either early morning when we went for a jog or late evening when it was already cold and it was always empty so it was a real shock to find it full of people.

We saw lots of the painted guys from the festival, too. Some were even swimming in the sea! I can see us spending a lot of Sunday afternoons here.

It was a busy but great weekend. We love Barcelona! 

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