Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Barcelona - Fira per la Terra 2013

This weekend in Parc de la Ciutadella a so called ‘Hippy Festival’, the Earth Fair or on its official name the Fira per la Terra 2013 took place. It is an eco-fair that is held annually on the nearest weekend to 22nd April, the Earth Day. It focuses on climate change and in the many tents you can buy and look at products that are environmentally friendly. There was lots to see and lots to eat, food from all over the world and a lot of entertainment for little ones and big ones alike.

Here’s an idea to use sun energy for cooking. Not very useful in the UK…

There were stalls where you could get Mojitos and Caprinhias for a fiver. This is how they made them. They were a bit short on alcohol but were very tasty!

And then we heard the drums. I used to do drumming in London as part of a bateria group, a team of drummers who beat the rhythm to the samba drummers. And then I saw these guys here, they are called Brincadeira and this is the most awesome drummer group I’ve ever seen! They were so much faster then we were in London, but while a bateria is only a background to support the main event, the samba dancers, Brincadeira is a drummer group in its own right. They made such a party and involved the audience in their show as well. Check them out, so much energy!

It was hard not to get hungry looking at all the food offered but it was even harder to choose! I ended up eating something from Ecuador and couldn’t decide between two dishes so I asked for half each. This is how it looked.

We put a towel on the grass and had our meal watching this girl with her giant hoop.

This band used the power from the bikes to generate electricity.

There were so many things to see and do, you could practice yoga, have many different kinds of massage and buy lots of yummy food/drinks. I finish off with a selection of photos of the event.

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