Sunday, 14 April 2013

Barcelona - It's still sunny!

Wow! I haven’t even had a chance to write my blog, so many things happened!

I had an epic walk to get the NIE number (similar to the NI number) and failed but met Virginia, an Argentinian girl (unemployed). By the way, ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO GET A NIE NUMBER IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET! However thanks to that long walk I can find my way on foot in Central Barcelona everywhere now.

I also went on a free walking tour with TravelBound, and it was really good, I could tell you all the interesting things about Barcelona, the Catalans and their history but it would be too much to put all in one blog.

I met Krisztian, a Hungarian (unemployed) who has been living here for years and he gave me a great deal of advice about how to get started here.

Yesterday we watched how the people gathered for the International Comic Festival all dressed up and tried to figure out which comic they were from then left all the stress and the rest of the humanity (it seemed) in the city and went to Montserrat to see the Benedict monastery and to walk around in the mountains again. By the time we got home we were shattered! Will write about it later.

Today we have two things to see, we either go to see the famous Catalan Human Towers or go for the Holi Indian festival. We haven’t decided yet.

This is the 6th consecutive sunny day since we have arrived. I have been outside most of the time charging up my batteries with sunshine.  I got sunburnt on the second day but I still haven’t had my fill of sun. I’m working on it, though.

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