Friday, 11 January 2013

The Philippines - Bohol (Doljo Point, Pungtud Wall, Kalipayan Wall dive sites)

After an early breakfast we went for our first Bohol dives. Our Bangka was even bigger, better and more stable than the one in Malapascua, if it’s possible at all. I was curious about what these dives could offer us. We had our own Digi Timer that shows all the details we need to know under water (depth, time etc.). I can see us buying a dive computer soon…

When we were dropped down I couldn’t believe my eyes. So many fish! And such variety! Just like being back in Thailand. We were doing a wall dive but so much was happening on the wall, I didn’t even know where to look! If you want people to fall in love with diving, this is where you have to bring them. This place was gorgeous. Paul took many good photos and lovely videos, I chose a few to demonstrate diving here:

This is a trumpet fish, long and slim. During a night dive I swam next to one, it was half as long as me!

A frogfish. It is very hard to find as it looks exactly like a piece of coral. I THINK it is facing the camera, but with frogfish you never can be sure.

After the first dive I couldn’t wait to get back into the water again. Our second dive was on a different dive site but at an equally amazing wall. I even found a shady batfish but when Paul came to take a photo it hid behind a rock. It is such a beautiful fish, I was so upset that we didn’t get a photo of it. Here's a link to a photo of one.

Some photos and a video of the second dive.

I had high hopes for our third dive as well but it turned out to be a disappointment. There was lots of broken coral and the whole underwater scenery looked destroyed. I thought it’s a sign of underwater fishing but the damage was too extensive for that. Later I was told it was the typhoon a few weeks ago that did this. It came at low tide and destroyed everything in its wake, even under water. Very sad. Paul did not take any photos at all.

Tomorrow we will have a day off. We don’t have anything planned at all. It’s just weird, what are we gonna do?!

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