Friday, 4 January 2013

The Philippines - We've arrived to Manila

After an uneventful stopover we continued our journey from Kuala Lumpur to Manila. We took some shots on the way. This is still Malaysia, a very brown looking river is pouring its muddy water in the sea:

A boat cuts through the mud on the surface.

An island we spotted. We’re not sure which country it belongs to but I wouldn’t mind staying there!

The whole journey seemed so surreal. One minute we are still in London, grey sky and rain, and the other we see sunshine, palm trees and endless blue sea when looking out of the plane window. We both waited for the moment when it hits us, when it all becomes real, when we get off the airplane and the hot, humid, sunny air around us makes us believe that we are finally on our holiday.
It did not happen like this today. The closer we got to Manila the darker the clouds become. When we arrived it was 29C, insanely humid and… grey sky and rain.

Which I really don’t mind, it can even rain tomorrow morning but by the time we get to the whale sharks I want sparkling sunshine and good visibility!

We were taken to our hotel for the night, and we turned the box on, had a look at the map behind the news guy. We thought, Europe has a weird shape and…wait a minute…where is the UK?!?

Later we walked over to the shopping mall next to us thinking of finding something to eat then hit the bed and ended up in the middle of the Great Fiesta 2012! Looks like the Filipino people know how to party!

Then they projected a Christmas story for kids on the wall.

Then the MCs came up on the stage and gathered 30 kids to do the Gangnam Style dance. And THEY ALL KNEW THE DANCE MOVES!!! It blew my mind. I had to take a video of them

We ended up in a weird place having lychee ice tea and pineapple-raisin-prawn-other unidentifiable stuff fried rice. Here’s a Filipino mini lime, a calamnsi.

At that point we both felt utterly exhausted and went to bed. 

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