Friday, 13 December 2013

The best tortilla in Spain

We started the morning late due to the 2.5 hour bus ride from Granada so by half past two we were already starving. We didn’t have to wait for our starter until we got to a restaurant, we were in for another treat: tortilla. My eyes lit up when I realised where we were going as until visiting Córdoba I only had a chance to taste pre-packed tortilla from the shops.

The place we went to was one that is a ‘must try’ when you’re in Córdoba. It’s a tiny little bar right next to the Cathedral. It’s impossible to miss as all around it there are people standing, sitting, lying eating slices of golden yellow tortilla. We stood in the long queue that went quite quick and finally had a peek inside to see what the fuss was about.

Well. Tortilla Bar Santos is owned by Francisco Santos and they make the biggest tortillas I’ve ever seen! They are about 4 kilos average and 12-15 cm tall! There are no secret ingredients but only the best products: high quality virgin olive oil, fresh eggs and the best potatoes.

We sat amongst the others just at the foot of the Cathedral eating the magic coupled with delicious olives drinking a cold drink. You sit there in the warm sunshine, the Mosque at your back and the tortilla in your hand and you can be certain that you’ve got the two best products of Córdoba.

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