Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Nun-made Biscuit Market

During the long weekend of December there were many markets set up in various squares of Seville. You can browse for handmade craft products, old books and magazines or homemade sweets. It is always nice to look into one of these if you happen to go that way but there was one market that I insisted on going to: the Nun-made Biscuit Market or in its proper name the Yearly Convent Pastry Display (Muestra Annual de Dulces de Conventos de Clausura). As soon as we had a little free time I dragged Paul over to see it.

Did you know that after Rome Seville province has the biggest number of convents? Well, they were all represented here, all 19 of them! Apparently they have all been making sweets for centuries. On Seville’s official website there’s even an Excel chart showing which convent made which type of sweets.

The attraction wasn’t only the market itself but also the fact that it was held within the famous Royal Alcázar of Seville with free entry. Most of the building was off-limit but we could still see some parts of the Gothic Palace. The market was in a room where the walls are adorned with huge, very old and very beautiful tapestries.

We were taken aback by the amount of sweets on sale. There were many kinds, even sugar or gluten free ones.

There was a great selection of handmade jams, too.

My favourite was the ‘variety pack’, this is what I bought to take home.

They were obviously expecting a huge turnout.

All the people helping out here were volunteers. The market was very popular and the amount the convents raise will go to maintenance and restoration.  

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