Monday, 17 February 2014

Baños Árabes

During the first months of 2014 for our biggest dismay we had to realise that the sun doestn’t last, not even in Andalusia. The rain was upon us and even though there are a few sunny days we’ve had many weekends when it was rainy in the whole region. We don’t like to be cooped up in our flat and we wanted to find something to do in Seville. That’s when we found the Baños Árabes on the internet. We didn’t really know what to expect but booked a two hour session for Sunday, with a 15minute massage included. We packed our swimwear and walked down to Calle Aire.

The Arab Bath of Aire de Sevilla is an amazing place for a complete relaxation. The building itself is from the 16th century but it retained its Moorish character. It feels special just to walk up on the stairs to the changing room.

You are provided with a towel and special footwear and if you don’t happen to bring your swimwear for your holiday, no need to worry as they can give you that as well. There is a selection of rooms you can choose from. The first one we went to was the Thermal bath. It’s a lovely room with candle lights, warm water and soothing Arabian music. You sit down on the bench that runs on the side of the big pool, put your head back, close your eyes and enjoy the experience. 

Here at the back there are two more pools, one with hot and one with cold water.
In another part there’s a steam room which effect is enhanced by the smell of menta. This leads into a big Jacuzzi with the ambitions name of ‘ The Lounge of Thousand Jets’. This was Paul’s favourite place. Then we visited the lowest pool full of salt water. There is no recommended order, you can visit the pools in any order you want. During the visit the attendants will call those who have a massage included in their session as well.

We thought that two hours will feel very long however we were surprised when we heard the little bell which signalled the end of the session. We were both very relaxed and warm. I think the experience not only relaxes your mind but also your soul. We are planning to come back again, timing our visit so it coincides with one of the musical nights to add the sound of the live guitar playing to the experience.

You can find this amazing place on Calle Aire, 15. Here is their website.

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