Monday, 24 February 2014

The Seville Orange Festival (III Jornadas Gastronomicas)

This time of the year is all about the orange harvest in Seville and all around Andalucia. To commemorate and celebrate this event the town decided to have a contest between the bars and restaurants and offer a new variety of tapas. The rules were easy: offer a tapa for a set price of 4Euros and in this include a drink and a plate of food which has orange as an ingredient in it.

About 30 different restaurants participated and the list of them was available on the town’s website. They even put a set price on it so a plate of food with a drink costs 4 Euros even in the more expensive places. So for 4 Euros you get food with a glass of vino, I think it’s a great value.

I was very keen to exploit this opportunity to its fullest and try as many dishes as I could during the two weeks of the festival and I dragged Paul and some other friends around with me, too. We personally think it’s a great idea as we ventured into streets and bars we otherwise would not have done. It also produces a variety of new dishes and as we’re always on the quest to try new tapas the even suited us perfectly. The only downside was that the plates were pretty big and we could only have maximum two tapas per occasion!! Life is full of hardships, I’m telling ya!

Get ready for some serious drooling in tomorrow’s blog!

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