Monday, 3 February 2014

Barranco de Gebas

When I was doing my research on the internet I came across some stunning photos of this place and was really looking forward to see it. Wow. It is truly spectacular.

The whole area is a nature reserve. I cannot compare it to anything else. It is like a desert or a lunar landscape. It consists of clay which has been formed by water and wind over the decades.

There’s not much around here apart from a few knots of grass. Some parts of the place however were cultivated with what looked like dead black trees reaching out from huge graves. It was a pretty depressing sight however when I walked closer I noticed a few remaining almonds at the end of the branches. I imagined how the place must look at spring when all the almond trees are in bloom and the place is full of white flowers and the gorgeous smell. It must be quite a transformation. Would love to see it.

The ravines of the rain can be clearly seen in the dried mud. We had the feeling that if we touched these walls the whole bit would fall crumbling down. I remember I was thinking I hope it won’t start raining as a storm could wash away the whole place.

While walking the 4km route around the area I found the perfect adjective for this place: stark beauty.

The area reaches its highest beauty factor at the reservoir, the Embalse de Algeciras. The landscape is perfectly reflected in the water, only the birds disturb the mirror-like effect.

And the rain then slowly started to fall. We thought it was the right moment to turn around and head back as fast as we can. At first it was interesting to see how the parched earth soaks in the water and how the wall's surface that was so dry before and full of cracks slowly become smooth again. However as we watched the area soaking through in my mind I could see an enormous landslide happening… which didn’t happen of course but it was better to be safe than sorry. 

It's an amazing place to be. As it was winter apart from two guys we didn't meet anybody and we had the sensation of being alone on the Earth. I wish I could see it again at spring!

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  1. We have been there quite a few times, we love this place!!!!!!
    Great pictures!