Thursday, 24 April 2014

La cofradia de la Borriquita

Every time we quizzed our Spanish friends about the cofradías of the Semana Santa, they always mentioned this procession. Why is it so special?

Firstly, it is mainly the procession for children. After seeing all those tall hats moving along on the street in Maria Luisa Park it was quite charming to watch all the short, white, little nazareno children being herded by a tall black one, in seemingly total chaos.

Secondly, the paso itself is lovely. It represents the moment when Jesus arrives to Jerusalem on a donkey and is surrounded by children. I think this is the only paso where he is not suffering. It’s a lovely float with lots of figures, lots of colours, a palm tree and a donkey!! I love donkeys.

The cofradía´s journey is short as its church is quite close to the cathedral and most of the children were accompanied by their parents which made it all the more chaotic. We were standing in the crowd right next to the Cathedral where all the parents had to leave the children and move to the side. This all happened at a kind of crossroads where in one direction the procession moved, in the other the rest of the people were trying to get through as many of the streets were closed down, and the parents were trying to get out of the procession by going against the flow of people. Not to mention all the tourists who literally stopped in the middle of the narrow pathway thinking they will be able to watch everything from there. This was all controlled by two policemen who from time to time calmly (and without any hurry) stopped a flow in one direction to let the people cross in the other. I cannot explain to you how, but it worked!

Only in Spain….  

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