Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Semana Santa in Frigiliana

This is the last cofradía I’m going to write about. Frigiliana lies only a few kilometres from Nerja, nestled on the side of a hill (you can read more about it here.) It is a very attractive village full or tourists so try to visit it out of season.

We went over there on Good Friday to see the pasos coming out of the church and had to wait for about 40 minutes! This was the first time when things didn’t start on time. The outfit of the nazarenos were completely different, they had those Egyptian style headdresses which stretched down their backs. No more pointy hats! Their tunic ended in a long tail which they pulled after them while walking which meant that the procession was extremely long!

They also had a different candle. Instead of the long, giant ones they had short ones with a little paper attachment to it to hold up the wax. How clever! They actually looked quite nice, all those bright lights in front of the darkness of the tunics, like flowers.

I was surprised to see that there were no ramps to help the costaleros down the steps. The mistery was solved soon when we saw that the pasos were tiny! They actually had three as the Cruz de Guía had its own little paso.

The paso of Jesus.

Behind the paso walked the 12 apostles wearing robes and masks. Some of these masks were made in the 18th century so they are pretty old. Was a bit freaky to see them walking like that, to be honest.

As it just seemed to go on and on we didn’t wait to see the paso of the Virgin.

It was very interesting to see how similar but still so different the processions can be in Andalusia. It was an incredible experience and I really hope that we will be here to see the Semana Santa next year, too.  

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