Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Barcelona - La Nena

There is a little place in Grácia called ‘La Nena’. It is a cafeteria and a vegetarian restaurant offering simple food of simple tastes such as toasts, bocadillos and savoury crepes with a variety of 100% natural juices and milkshakes. No alcohol.

This place is famous for two things.
The first one is the hot chocolate. This is the speciality of the place and believe me, you’ve never tried anything like this! The chocolate is so smooth, so hot and so thick, it’s unbelievable. You usually get a piece of churros with it as well however it is not the one you get at all the other places, where it’s covered with sugar to make it sweet. Here it’s not that sweet and it doesn’t take away the taste from the chocolate, rather it compliments it. I would definitely vouch for it being the best hot chocolate in town.

The other special thing in this place is that it really doesn’t go for the profit. Usually when you go to eat somewhere you sit down, finish your meal and you go. Sometimes the waiters even bring you the bill without you asking so other people can sit and consume and pay. 

Here the mentality is very different. As well as going there to meet up with people it tries to facilitate conversation and being together with your friends. The shelves are full of games that you are encouraged to take down and play, or books to read/look through. There’s a big sign that says you are asked to share your table with others as the place is very popular in the evenings and they want to make sure that everybody can sit down. There are toys and books for young children as well including baby chairs.

It’s a simple but lovely place. You can find it in Grácia at Carrer Ramon y Cajal, 36.

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