Sunday, 9 June 2013

Barcelona – The urban city

So far the only side of Barcelona I introduced you to is the old city, the centre with its charming buildings built in past centuries. This is the Barcelona that everybody knows and that gives it its charm.

There exists, however, many sides of the city. Not all of them are pretty but as with everywhere else, they all belong to it and together make it whole. That’s why I thought today I will show you something different.

One day I went to visit an area a bit out of the city next to the sea. There are many tall, modern creations here that pull the eye to look at them. The place is full of reflections, curves and lines that are a bit alien to my eyes but still have a certain beauty to them.

The place is called The Forum, where they organise many events, fairs and festivals. The blue building is the Museu Blau that is a natural history museum and free to go in on Sundays. There’s an urban playground next to it and a famous natural seawater swimming pool. If you like urban cities, have a wonder around here to soak in the urban Barcelona.

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