Sunday, 2 June 2013

Barcelona – Casa Batlló III., Reception Room

This is the biggest and the most impressive part of the house. This is the reception room, where the family received their guests and where they observed people on the street from. It is simple but ingenious.

The room has three parts. This is the right side of the room. Remember when I told you that the circles on the top have different colours on each side of the door? Have a look at them here.

This is the main room. It is a fantastic experience to be here. The whole room seems to move around you thanks to the waves of the ceiling. It reminds us of a huge whirlpool and this image is supported by the circular light.

The iconic windows are huge so that they let in as much natural light as possible, and also to allow the family to observe the happenings on the street below.

All the windows can be individually opened. Look at this unique handle. It folds itself around your finger!

The slits under the windows were there to help with air ventilation and can be opened or closed by using the wooden holder. One of Gaudí’s clever little tricks.

On the two sides there are two smaller rooms that are connected to the big room by foldable doors. When it was needed, the doors were opened to make the space bigger. I love how even the door frame is wavy.

I find it so hard to imagine how this room looked when it was in use. Luckily there's a picture of how it was arranged in the 1900’s. Such a different atmosphere, don't you think?

This is the window of the left side room.

Tomorrow we will look at some other interesting parts of the house.

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