Thursday, 16 January 2014

Alhambra - the Gardens of Generalife

The Generalife is a summer palace that was built in the 13th century by a Muslim emir. Even though it belongs to the palace complex it’s kind of out of the way, you have to go through the kitchen garden to get there! It is lying on the side of a hill and looking out from one of its many arches provides a sweeping view over Granada.

Unfortunately the garden itself did not survive the years and went through many changes over the centuries. Even though you cannot see the original design it still has that Arabian style that runs through all the town. The current design has existed since the beginning of the 1930’s.

The place is full of fountains and flowers, there are well-placed benches to look over the city and soak up the sun from. Just like in the other parts of the Alhambra, you can see shallow pools that give perfect reflection of their surroundings. The sight and the sound of water is everywhere around you cleverly channeled through the different levels.

In my opinion the most ingenious idea was the Water Stairway or the Escalara de Agua which leads you up to the High Gardens. The top of the handrails on both sides are cleverly turned into water channels through the whole length of the steps. 

It's such a lovely place to be. After walking through the never-ending maze of the palaces and marveling at the Moorish architecture for hours strolling through the paths of the Generalife is a great way to end your visit on a high. Rest on one of its benches in the sun and admire the view of Granada in front of you.

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