Friday, 17 January 2014

Alhambra - the Night Visit (saving the best for last)

As you can probably see from my blogs we visited this unique monument's every corner at every available time possible. Although opinions seem to differ we think that all the beauty the Palaces can show you during the day come alive during the night.

At this time your visit is limited to the three Palaces but in my opinion these are the best places in the palace complex so you won't lose out on anything. The rooms and the walls are (let's admit it, sometimes badly) lit up and this puts the decoration in a whole new perspective. Everything becomes softer, more magical and suddenly it is easy to imagine sultans and their harems playing in the Court of the Lions. In the pools that reflect back the buildings instead of the sun and the clouds you will see the moon shining.

It's a completely different experience to the day time visit, albeit much shorter (only 90 minutes). It's worth going there early and being the first ones to be let in as for a few seconds you can have the whole place for yourself. We used every minute of our time wandering around the rooms, separating then meeting again until the guards came and promptly showed us out.

Finally, I can't possibly finish my blogs about the Alhambra without mentioning the American writer Washington Irwing. His visit to the monument inspired him to write a collection of stories and essays which were first printed in the 1830's. This little booklet, The Tales of the Alhambra, played an important part in making the world aware of one of the most beautiful Moorish architecture of all times.

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