Thursday, 30 January 2014


When we said to our Spanish friends that we want to visit the region of Murcia they were all looking at us with a puzzled expression and asked ‘WHY?!’. It is true that apart from the fact that it has an average 300 days of sunshine in a year it’s not really famous for anything else. Not even the Spaniards themselves know much about this region. We had been visiting the many different parts of Spain and we loved all of them therefore were determined to show the world that Murcia is also beautiful and it has a lot to offer outside the beach zones, too. Our first destination was the capital which has the same name as the region.  

Well. To tell the truth we weren’t exactly taken with the capital. It is nice enough but I guess we had been spoilt by the best sights of Spain. After staying in Barcelona, Granada and Seville, Murcia just seemed … well … boring. Here are the photos we took in the town.

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