Friday, 13 September 2013

Asturias – Celorio

After the freezing water of Playa de Poo we walked part of the Camino de Santiago that connected it to the next place. This was the first time I was actually able to walk on the Way and I think both Paul and I were relieved. If the Way was like this then I’d be fine on my Camino.

The town was very mysterious as Paul has a map on his phone and we have been successfully using it to find our way so far. The map found the next place however it didn’t give it a name! I was burning with curiosity about what the place will be called, cannot be worse than Poo! At the end it was called Celorio. What an anti-climax!

The same thing applies to Celorio as to Poo, it’s close to Llanes and easily accessable by car. However it has something else: a large number of beaches! We decided that this much walking was enough for the day and it’s time for our last dip … under the shower (I’m not going in that freezing cold water again!) then we both had a little nap in the shade.

We found a viewpoint where after taking 34 photos of three girls who wanted their photos taken in various poses we finally had a chance to appreciate the view, too.

Just a piece of info, I found out that Celorio is famous for another quirky thing. The beaches are full of rocks that the sea still keeps forming until this day. If you stand in a certain point on the beach during the tide at some point you can see a group of rocks that resemble a profile of a face. Lots of people come here to see this. I had not known this at the time so unfortunately I cannot show pictures but I’m sure that it’s very interesting to see.

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