Thursday, 12 September 2013

Asturias – The Village of Poo

After Llanes we found a path that lead along the coast. We walked to the next place that happened to have the name Poo. It lies just 2km from Llanes and the unique environment, the vicinity of the municipality capital and easy access make it a great holiday spot.

I know, I know, we are so immature but we just couldn’t stop finding amusing signs around the place!

According to Wikipedia the place’s name changed in 2005 and since then it’s supposed to be called Po bearing the shortest place name in Spain however as everything else here, changing the signs and the people’s thinking takes a long time in this country.

The Playa of Poo is absolutely amazing. It’s sandwiched between two cliffs and from the clifftops you get a great view over the beach. The water has an amazing blue colour and is quite shallow allowing people to walk out almost all the way to the sea.

We were quite hot by the time we got here so we decided to take a dip. The sand was very fine and soft, the beach was busy and the water looked so inviting….but it was FREEZING COLD! I knew that the Atlantic is colder than the Mediterranean sea but this much?! I walked in very slowly to allow time for my body to get used to the temperature but I had to come out when the water reached up to my thighs. I just couldn’t stand it any more! When I came out my legs were numb… What a shame, it’s such a lovely beach! I ended up getting wet under the shower.


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