Friday, 20 September 2013

The Basque Country – Cabo Ogoño

We saw that on the map Cabo Ogoño was indicated as a great viewpoint so we thought it would be worth checking out. So far we were always able to drive up to the viewpoints and we thought this will be the case here, too. How wrong we were!

First we had to drive to the other side of the Oko delta, through villages with strange and weird Basque names full of x´s and t´s and k´s that you wouldn´t be able to pronounce even if your life depended on it. The two closest villages to Cabe Ogoño were called Elantxobe and Ibarrangelua.

We managed to find Elantxobe that is the closest to the cape and left the car in a car park in front of the cemetery. A sign said it´s still a 2km walk. We thought it´s ok, we´ll be there and back in 40min so we continued walking through the narrow road along the cliff. All the houses here were well maintained and had the most amazing view over the coast you can imagine.

After leaving the last house we came across a sign that said ‘Cabo Ogoño 1km’. We looked at each other and thought if we had got this far we might as well continue, 1km is not that far. The path soon continued in the forest, then it started going up while getting more and more stony. Wearing flip-flops and skirt is not advisable… We almost turned back as I couldn’t really hike in my chosen footwear and Paul’s ankle wasn’t healed properly for this but at the end we managed to climb to the top.

It was worth it. Really worth it. 

Look at the water of this beach, Playa de Laga! It’s impossibly beautiful, its colours were changing constantly with every wave.

Later I learnt that Cabo Ogoño actually is a famous hiking trail, this explains the difficulty of the terrain for us. I don´t mind that we did it but next time I´ll wear proper hiking shoes. 

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