Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Asturias – Llanes

Llanes is a municipality on the coast of Asturias. It is part of the Costa Verde, or Green Coast that is famous for having spectacular coastline scenery. Llanes boasts 32 gorgeous beaches all with fine, white sand. Its green background is provided for by many rolling hills.

Llanes is also the name of the capital of the municipality. It is an active fishing port even today and a very popular holiday destination for the rest of Spain in the summer who come up to the North to escape the heat of the South. It has many good restaurants and bars and the ‘zona de copas’ or ‘zone of the glasses’ is always a great choice for a drink before dinner.

We took the bus from Oviedo and after 1h20m we were already walking the streets of this pretty seaside town. I absolutely loved the distinctive, colourful and well maintained houses in the old town.

The port is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

The town boasts three beaches and we went to see all of them.
Playa de Sablón
This is the main beach of the Llanes and located in the city centre. It has a perfect shell shape and the white sand goes on in front of you for 100m.   

Playa de Puertu Chicu
This was my favourite beach in Llanes.

Playa de Toró
This beach lies to the right of the city centre for a few minutes walk. The water is full of dark pinnacles with interesting formations. There’s a well-positioned campsite nearby and a restaurant where all the tables in the garden face the beach.

Next to Playa de Sablón there’s a lovely grass-covered walk, the Paseo de San Pedro. There’s even a viewpoint at the end and from here you have a great view of Llanes, the surrounding coastline and the bordering mountains.

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