Thursday, 21 November 2013

Carmen de la Victoria

This lovely carmen used to be a convent that was destroyed in the 19th century. Since 1945 the Granada University claimed it as a private university residence for visiting lecturers and professors. There are many private events organised here as well. Even though during the history of the carmen the buildings and their purposes have changed the garden itself has stayed the same for over a hundred years. Now the Carmen de la Victoria is the oldest and one of the most beautiful Moorish-inspired gardens of Granada.

Looking after the garden is supervised by an expert in Moorish gardening who has replanted it so it looks very similar to the gardens during the Nashrim era.

The garden has several levels and there’s something that pulls your eyes in every corner.
It is full of lamps and lights. I can imagine how nice must it be to sit on one of its benches on a hot summer night in the light of the candles looking over the Alhambra.

It is free to visit the Carmen de la Victoria. All you have to do is to ring the bell and wait, the door will open in a few minutes with a female voice reminding you to close the gate behind you. You can find it in the Albayzín on Cuesta del Chapiz, 9.

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