Friday, 1 November 2013

Granada – Our place in Albaycín

After our ‘not so nice’ flat in Oviedo we decided that as a wedding anniversary present to ourselves we would have a nice place in Granada. We looked at the available options and found the perfect place. Our street is in the heart of the Old Town of Granada called Albayzín. 
It´s a lovely neighbourhood situated on a hill opposite the Alhambra full of narrow, windy streets and a jumble of white washed houses with those typical terracotta rooftops. On the ´street´ we live on you can only find one door and that will be the door of our house.

There are four small flats in the house and they all look onto a small courtyard. This is the heart of the house full of plants, a small, secluded green oasis.

Our house has the same typical Spanish style roofing as all the other houses around us. I love this style as it´s just so Spanish!

We have arrived to the best feature of the house: the terrace. This is the view we look at every single day.

Even though it’s a communal space usually we are the only people here so it’s all ours. Even if there are visitors in the other flats they are generally out all day to roam the streets of Granada so they never bother us. We practically live here. We have our breakfast here, Paul works up here until it gets too hot, we can even sunbathe here as even though it’s the end of October around 3 in the afternoon it’s still quite hot. We often sit here in the evening and watch as the evening light lights up the Alhambra in front of us, munching on olives and having a drink. We love our terrace.

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