Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Other bars worth mentioning

In my previous blog post I introduced you the tapas bars where in addition to your drink you not only get a fee tapa but it will taste good as well. I’d also like to talk about a few more restaurants as even though they didn’t make it in the previous list I think they’re still worth mentioning.

1.      Babel
It’s a very popular tapas bar amongst the younger generation in the centre and the reason is that they serve tapa from all over the world! The list you can choose from is extensive and there’s just as much vegetarian choice as non-vegetarian and this is rare to find in Spain. The food served is not only special but also looks different, the octopus I ordered was surrounded by blue and pink mayo rings! Even though the place doesn’t deserve to be in my previous list if you want something different it’s worth popping in here.
Calle Elvira, 40.

2.      La Mancha
This bar got its name from the birthplace of Cervantes’ main character, Don Quijote (de la Mancha). The décor is based on the story and I found it very nice, too. The place is frequented by the middle aged generation and the tapa is not free here BUT. For a few of euros you get a whole plateful of food that was enough for both of us together! The menu is very long and a food is displayed in the bar so you need serious self-discipline to be able to say no after the first plate. Whenever you get tired of getting cheap food with your beer come here to enjoy culinary pleasures. Don’t forget to try the flamenquín!
C/ Joaquin Costa, 10.

3.      La Parrala

They say you cannot have good paella in Andalucía. They also say never have a paella in a place where it´s served as a dinner. (Spanish people only eat it for lunch therefore everything they serve in the evening will be ´for the tourists´.) Even though this might be true for Seville or Cadíz I can sincerely recommend trying a place in La Parrala. It opens at 19:30 and in an hour it’s already full with locals and tourists alike. The moment will come when you get fed up with eating tapa all the time and you want to have a good, hearty meal. This is the place to come then. 
Calle Colcha, 6.

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