Sunday, 17 November 2013

How to eat a ‘granada’

I think not many of you know this but ‘granada’ actually means pomegranate in Spanish. You can often find a granada tree in Granada and there was one just behind our terrace. Here it’s such an everyday thing but for me it’s a very exotic fruit.

One weekend when Juan Carlos and Meritxell were here to visit us we bought a pomegranate in the busy fruit market of Albayzín and Meritxell showed us how to eat it Spanish style.

1.      Make the cut!
It’s such a cool looking fruit! The ripe ones are not so shiny and smooth. When you cut it the seeds have to have a very deep red colour. Watch out, it stains!

2.      Squash and squeeze
It’s easy to do when the fruit is ripe, the seeds will just fall in the bowl. Here’s an action shot of Meritxell squeezing the pomegranate, seeds falling, juice flowing.

3.      The evil yellow bits
DO NOT EAT THE YELLOW BITS! Now that I’ve scared you to death I can tell you that there’s nothing wrong with the yellow skin it’s just that it doesn’t taste that nice. Make sure you pick all the bits out.

4.      Pimp it up
Now comes the fun part. Add a little sugar, or even a little red wine to the seeds. Mix it all up.

5.      Now that it’s all ready, all you have to do is put it away. No, not in your mouth, in the fridge. It cools down and the taste of your little concoction will blend together nicely.

6.      Find a sunny spot with your friends. Let them complain about the hot weather then pull out the granada mix from the fridge and serve with a dramatic ‘TA-DA’. Always a winner.


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