Friday, 14 March 2014


Alájar is one of the prettiest village in the Sierra de Aracena and our last walk started/finished here, too. It is a gorgeous little place with a small main square in the middle of it.

It is also very rural and it was proved quickly as when we arrived we saw a horse tied up just in front of the square.

It has lots of nice white washed houses and in front of many doors there’s a cobbled portal which is very typical in this area.

It is generally a lovely place to stroll around or have an ice cream on one of the benches, like we did.

Behind the village on the side of the hill there’s a great viewpoint, the Peña de las Arias Montano. There’s a lovely church here and a hermitage. It looks slightly touristy with the amount of souvenirs on display.

There’s a nice looking white washed belfry, too.

There are many nice walks around this area so it’s worth looking into.

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