Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How to eat churros

Everybody who comes to Spain will inevitably come across this famous Spanish snack. You can try it sitting on a terrace of a café, buying it from a street seller or in an actual churrería. It can be eaten all day long although it is normally consumed by the Spaniards for breakfast dipped in hot chocolate or in café con leche. We have seen locals waiting in a long queue in front of an obviously favoured churrero one late Sunday morning.

The origin of these golden, crispy sticks is up for a debate however many claim that they were dreamt up by Spanish shepherds. Up in the mountains fresh bread was hard to come by. They solved the problem by mixing flour, water and salt, threw some sugar on it and TA-DA! Just like that the churro was born. It didn’t need long to make it to South-America where it has many different varieties.

During one of our intercambio sessions we went to visit Utrera, a small town about an hour away from Seville. We didn’t need a lot of persuading to order churros and in a few minutes we were staring at a small mountain of hot, golden-brown pastry bits and cups of steaming hot chocolate. Heaven delivered! We asked Penelope to demonstrate how to eat churros in a proper Spanish style. She was more than happy to oblige!

Step 1.
Admire the churros and the hot chocolate then wait until you can’t take it any more.

Step 2.
Grab a bit of churros.

Step 3.
Dunk it in the thick hot chocolate.

Step 4.
Close your eyes and give yourself over to the sweetness and crispiness.

Step 5.
Repeat steps 1-4.

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