Monday, 24 March 2014

Plaza de España

When I got my job in the language school in Seville I was sent straight away to get my NIE number from the Oficina de Extranjeros to Plaza de España. I didn’t know anything about Seville at that time so I got a map, got on a Sevici bike and after getting lost a few times I eventually found my way to the square. When I turned around the corner my jaw literally dropped.

The Ibero-American Expo in 1929 had a great influence on Seville’s planning. Amongst many other projects the Parque the Maria Luisa got a new design and at the end of the park, to crown it all, they created the beauty that is the Plaza de España.

The Plaza hugs the park in a semi-circle with a lovely fountain in the middle. There’s an artificial lake that follows the shape of the building with gorgeous-looking bridges arching over it. The whole square is full of light, water and colour.

Apart from wondering around and enjoying the sun you can hire a boat or a horse carriage that can take you around the park and can show you other important sights, too.

Apart from it looking absolutely stunning and beautiful there’s one more thing that makes it very special. Around the square there are seats that are dedicated to each of the 50 provinces of the country. They all have an image that show an important part of the region’s history. I love looking at them and learning the stories behind them.

I recommend visiting this lovely place after the sun goes down, too, as its atmosphere completely changes. The bright colours all disappear and the shapes come into focus. The lit up fountain makes it especially attractive.

This plaza is so beautiful and it’s not a surprise that it was chosen as the location for some famous film scenes such as the Star Wars. Do you recognise Princess Amidala’s planet, Naboo and its city, Theed?

Special thanks to Peter Vagvolgyi and Paul Hughes for their gorgeous photos.

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