Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Aracena is the biggest town in the Sierra de Aracena and this is where our hotel was booked. It ticks all the boxes to make it a very typical Andalusian village, it snuggles in amongst the surrounding hills, it’s full of white washed houses, the streets are steep, narrow and cobbled and there are flowers hanging from the windows.

The town is dominated by a ruined castle and a church which are looking down at it from a hilltop. We went exploring first thing in the morning. Everything is just so very Spanish here.

The church is built in a Gothic style but they kept one tower in the Muslim-style.

From the side of the church you can see Andalusia stretching in front of you for miles.

Our night in Aracena incidentally coincided with the Carnival which made our evening walk very surreal but at the same time highly entertaining. 

Here are the best of the costumes.

My favourite one was these guys’ idea which is ‘slightly' political.

Aracena is the most populated town in the area and continues to spread and grow. In spite of this it still managed to retain some of its rural charm.

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