Saturday, 15 March 2014


One day before I started my class at the language school one of my students gave me a little present. She brought me a few slices of torrijas which is the typical dessert of Semana Santa. They looked delicious and as soon as I got home we tucked into them with Paul.

The torrija is basically French toast (or sweet bundas kenyer as we have it in Hungary) in its Spanish variety. There’s a certain type of bread you have to buy which is long and already cut up, the slices shouldn’t be wider than 2 cm. It’s better when the bread is a few days old so it can soak in the hot milk better. Then they get dipped into egg batter, then fried in olive oil. When they are golden brown on each side then a sweet syrup is poured over them which is generally made of water, honey, sugar and some sweet wine. If this is still not enough, you can pour more honey or sprinkle icing sugar or cinnamon on top.

It is especially favoured during the Holy Week as it uses up the leftover bread and it’s a simple, filling meal for when you can’t eat meat.

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