Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Lanzarote – Diving the Cathedral

Together with the Blue Hole the Cathedral dive site is also amongst the most popular dives from Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen. During the briefing we looked at the map of the dive but the magic of the site still took us by surprise.

We started off with a short surface swim to the end of the bay then after descending we followed the sandy slope. Whilst we made our way to the Cathedral we took advantage of the slow current and let it gently push us along the seabed.

At about 16m we got to the reef wall. Keep an eye out for the moray eel hiding in the rocks and groupers who like to take shelter at the bottom!

After we skirted along it we finally arrived to the site, the Cathedral. This is actually a huge opening in the rock, like a cavern with its entrance down on 30m. Its wall is full of small alcoves where many interesting creatures live. It’s worth taking a torch to help you with your inspection. Our dive instructor lent me his and I discovered a long legged arrow crab at the back.

After we got out of the cave we started to make our way back on the top of it where a lovely sight was waiting for us. All the bubbles we had made inside the cave were slipping through the rocks and floated up to the surface creating a magical bubble garden. It was an amazing experience swimming through the bubble columns. Have a look at this short video that Paul took (I would turn down the volume if I were you).

Such a lovely dive! I would definitely recommend it to anybody who has the advanced qualification to jump in a wetsuit and take a look. We dived with Manta Diving Lanzarote and found their fuss-free and straight-to-the-point attitude refreshing. However there are many other dive shops around and due to the competition in the area it's always worth shopping around for the best price. Enjoy!

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