Friday, 3 October 2014

Lanzarote - El volcán del Cuervo/The Raven’s Volcano

As soon as we arrived to the island of Lanzarote we were up to see some of its numerous volcanoes up close. The first one we went to see was the Volcán del Cuervo which in a big part is responsible for the black sediments covering the area of La Geria wine region. This little volcano is very popular due to its easy accessibility and dramatic appearance. Even though its sides are very smooth, like somebody patted it down, the crater is jagged and gives it a striking look.

Another advantage here is that you don’t have to climb up to the crater, you can just walk in from the side. Just follow the path around.

If you’d like to visit this lovely place follow the road LZ56 from Tinajo to Timanfaya. You will find a small parking space on one side of the road and a dirt path leading to the volcano on the other.

Even though it’s called the Raven’s Volcano the ‘tenants’ here are a pair of Barbary Falcons. They are very rare and easily disturbed. Because of this the local authorities are asking everybody not to walk around the crater but be content by looking at the insides of the volcano. Lanzarote has so many other craters to see, let’s leave this one to the falcons.

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