Thursday, 23 October 2014

Lanzarote - Mirador del Guinate

Part of the ‘Off the beaten track Lanzarote' series.

We are famous for loving looking out from good viewpoints and considering how flat Lanzarote is (except the randomly popping out volcanoes, of course) there aren’t many here to choose from. Mirador del Río seems to be THE mirador on the island but as we were in the vicinity of the one in Guinate we decided to watch the sunset from there.

On the North side of the island not far North of Haría there’s a tiny village called Máguez, that’s where the road to the mirador starts from. There are no signs to follow at all so it’s good to have a SatNav or a good, detailed map with you. Once you find the path you are sorted, all you have to do is follow it to the end. After a while it will become a dirt road.

You will see a few information boards around the area and the views on the side, feel free to get out and have a read, it’s always nice to know a bit about your surroundings.

After about 15 min of driving we finally arrived to the viewpoint just in time to see the sunset.

We vowed to come back here and have a look at the volcano we passed on the way. I will make sure to bring a picnic and have it right here at this spot staring out to the beach of Famara, the cliffs, the island of La Graciosa and the circling seagulls.  

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