Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Off the beaten track Lanzarote

I’ve decided to start an ‘off the beaten track’ series about Lanzarote as most people who come to visit this amazing island receive information about only a fraction of the sites worth visint. I do have to warn everybody though that these places are truly ‘off the beaten track’ meaning that most of them are difficult to get to, not signposted and there aren’t always refreshments available in a 5 minute radius. I do hope however this collection will help those who want to see behind the usual attractions offered by tourist resorts and tour buses.

I am going to start it off with my next blog and will continuously add places to it as we visit more and more of the island so keep checking back for more info.

Mirador de Guinate

- Caletón Blanco

- Caldera Blanca

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