Monday, 6 May 2013

Barcelona by night

My dear readers, you are in for a very special treat!
The family who I work for suggested a good viewing point at night from Tibidabo hill, so on Friday we looked through all our stuff, found two torches and set out for an adventure.

Finding the place was not easy as the train station where you have to get off, Peu del Funicular, is a short station and the whole train cannot fit on it. Only the doors on the back open, and as you can guess, we were right in the front of the train. So we got off at the next station and waited for the train going back. This time we were more successful.

So after the initial problems we found our stop and followed the steep, windy road up. After about 15 min walk we got to the last house and last street lamp. This was the point where the torches came in handy. We did not have to walk far in the dark though before we got to the viewpoint. There’s a big stone bench where you can sit down to enjoy the view.

The whole of Barcelona was spread out in front of us. All the twinkling lights of the cars, the beautifully lit up buildings, it is absolutely breath taking. We spent some time trying to figure out which light belongs to which building. Paul took some good photos but they don’t do justice to the real thing. Have a look.

If you have some time during your visit after dinner, I would definitely recommend the short trip. Take the train S1 or the S2, they both leave from Pl. Catalunya. They are fairly regular but it’s always worth checking the time table. Make sure that you are at the right part of the train! Being in one of the middle coaches is a safe bet but a bit sticker on the doors will also tell you if you’re in the wrong carriage. Get off at Peu del Funicular station and follow the road in front of you. Take a map! Find the Carre de les Aigues and keep following it. You cannot miss the place. Don’t forget to take a torch!

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