Thursday, 2 May 2013

Barcelona - The W Hotel

As we’re soon moving out of Barcelona and we’ll be away from the beach we decided to go on a last stroll. We’ve walked the beach up and down many times so this time we decided to explore the iconic W hotel.

The hotel itself was designed by a famous architect and it is right on the beachfront so you can see the whole city spread out in front of you from your room. Prices for  one night START at 595 euro per night with limited view (!).

The reason we went there was to see the clouds on the building as it reflects them back spectacularly. It was that precious time of the day when the sun is just about to go down and the lights have that golden shine to them. Have a look at Paul’s awesome photos.

We were just about to leave when we noticed a huge commotion in front of the hotel entrance. There was a coach parked there and lots of people took photos. We wondered closer and it seemed that it was the Barca football team’s coach! Looks like we just missed them going in the hotel. Lucky we’re not fans as we could never forgive ourselves.

The rain is gone and the sun is back. Life is good again.

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