Monday, 20 May 2013

Girona - Temps de Flores 2013

We were very lucky that the day we visited Girona was the first day of the Temps de Flores, the Flower Festival.

There were many installations in hidden courtyards and other buildings done by florists but the streets themselves were also decorated and lots of people hung some flowers from their balconies, too. Paul said the whole Old Town smelt lovely. In no particular order I will show you the most memorable decorations.

The rose and the dragon is a reference for Saint George.

This whole exhibition focused on making people aware of the bee problem in the world.

This was a clever street decoration. If you pulled down one of these bubbles, another one got pulled up. Great fun!

The Cathedral was simply mind blowing. They took out all the pews and put bushes and flowers everywhere! It smelt so fresh (according to Paul) and you completely forgot that you were in a church. It was wonderful to walk around and marvel at the amazing flower art in every chapel. They cleverly altered the decoration so that it fit to the chapels’ content. It was just amazing.

Many of the exhibitions focused on recycling too. This whole installation was made by using white plastic bags.

This was one of my favourite bits. There was an interactive room where you had to use all your senses to fully appreciate it. There was a container with little chocolate bits so that the sense of taste can be included as well. They also put up cute instructions so you know what to do. My favourite was the heart shaped instruction.

On one of the roof terraces they set up a bonsai ‘garden’. I love bonsai and I admire everybody who has the patience for them.

During the festival many museums, theaters and other important buildings were open to the public where you otherwise could not go in to visit or you would have to pay for it. One of these were the famous Arab Baths.  As a last treat for the day we queued for a long time to have a look inside. It was definitely worth the wait!

One of my other favorites. These mannequins were just adorable with their flowers!

Some other photos to show you the feel of the Old Town.

There were many amazing exhibitions, professional and amateur but there’s no space for everything in this blog. They organise this festival every year and it lasts for at least a week so if you want to visit Girona it’s a great time to do so.


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