Sunday, 5 May 2013

Barcelona - La Boqueria

This is Europe’s largest and most famous fresh food market. It is not just like any market, however. It sells the sweetest fruit in an amazing variety, the freshest meat and basically everything food related you can think of.

As soon as you step in it starts to assault your senses. It is very noisy as the sellers try to get your attention, it is very crowded, the floor is slippery from melted ice and fruit skin but it all adds to the charm of the place.

Let me use a quote to describe the place properly.
‘La Boqueria is a gastronomic temple, a place that congregates all the phases of the food chain, from the producers, harvesters, butchers and fishmongers who provide the food, to the individual and professional client who wonder through this magnificent, characteristic maze of traders in the charge of market stalls.’
Ferran Adria (chef at El Bulli Restaurant)

There is an amazing variety. There are nuts, spices, meat, fruit, olives, cheese, everything! The fruit is always the freshest. They make juices from any variety of fruit, mango-apple, dragonfruit-coconut, name it, it will be there for two euros per cup. It’s the same for fresh fruit slices. They are so refreshing in the heat!

There are many kinds of meat, even sheep heads on offer!

There are many stalls selling the famous cured ham: ‘jamon’.

The most interesting for me is always the sea food stall.

The market is dotted with bars and restaurants. They are very popular for lunches but the price is equal to the best restaurants in the city. All their ingredients come from the market though so you can be sure that everything they serve is as fresh as it can be.

The La Boqueria is a must see when you are in Barcelona. It’s about two thirds up on the La Rambla, on the Placa de la Boqueria and open 8:00 – 23:00 Monday to Saturday.

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